Monday, December 7, 2009

Portrait Experimentation

Playing around with my lighting setup (430 EX II with shoot-through umbrella). These are some shots of my friend Yi (we have the same name, I know). I kinda wish the background weren't so dull though. I'll have to play around with distance from the wall to get a darker or lighter background.

Also, I learned that posing people is hard. Everything from the facial expressions to the position on the body and the arms. Also, since we're both new at this, it was hard to get some natural looking shots. I'm already not a very talkative person so it's especially hard to get people relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Coupled with the fact that I'm still trying to think about flash to subject distance, flash power, my shutter-speed, aperture, ISO, and composition, it's next to impossible to try and tell my model how to pose. Luckily, Yi's an old friend so he'll put up with me. Thanks Yi!

Also, my trial with butterfly lighting:

More pics here:

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