Thursday, October 15, 2009

PicasaWeb vs. Flickr

Does anyone that likes photography use PicasaWeb over Flickr? Am I just too much of a Google fanboy to not switch? Every time I look at my photos on PicasaWeb, there are tons of artifacts in the images and they are not as sharp. I know Google wants to reduce latency and provide a faster user experience, but can you not do that by sacrificing image quality, especially after I've gone through and painstaking post-processed each picture?

I also would like to see the stats that Flickr has on PicasaWeb, mostly because no one looks at my photos, so it's nice to know when it happens. On PicasaWeb, they have a view count, but they don't have a dashboard or easy way to see what photos have been looked at by people recently, or better yet, what the most viewed photo is. Surprisingly, I have around 65 views of this one flower shot that I took a couple days ago (the one of the side of the flower with the greenish background in my earlier posts) but I don't know where they came from and how they even knew it existed.

Anyways, I'm thinking of switching over until PicasaWeb can do something smarter.


Eric Mesa said...


I've been using flickr since almost the beginning and they have exactly what you want - at least on the paid version. (I've been a paying user for the past 3 years or so)

It shows which photos were viewed each day, a 28 day historical graph, and where the views are coming from.

Right now my most viewed photo daily is a photo of a mole I made for mole day. flickr's stats show me that most of the views come from Google Images and Yahoo.

Also, flickr stores the original size image and I've NEVER had any problems with artifacts. Come join the dark side.

Yi said...

Yea, I should probably just move over to Flickr. I think the only thing I dislike about it is that you can't really page through the photos unless you view the slideshow. So if I'm looking at someone's album, I either have to full screen it or click on each image.