Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beowulf and Sweeney Todd...

So I watched Sweeney Todd and Beowulf last night (and by last night I meant about a week ago since I take so damn long to write these blogs posts) and I wasn't too happy with any of them. If you haven't seen any of them and you still really want to, you should probably stop reading since there may be some spoilers. Spoiler alert!

Alright, you've be properly warned. Sweeney Todd I "watched" with Kai and we both seemed to think that it was too slow. It might have been because Sweeney Todd was done like a musical (which I didn't expect until I heard like 2 songs in the first 10 min or something) but then Moulin Rouge was also done in the same way and I loved that movie. So maybe it was the music? Out of all the songs I only really liked the "Pretty Women" song and the one about the kid that wanted to steal Joanna (or is it Johanna with a silent "H"?) and the other ones I just couldn't understand since they were all singing together. So maybe it was because of all the songs that I didn't like, that seemed to have gone on for hours, that made it too slow and not very interesting.

Anyways, the movie wasn't all bad, it had some funny parts, like when the word "gandered" was said twenty times in a row which made me rethink how I look at girls and if I deserved a beating, or when Sweeney and the big cleavage girl were looking outside the window at people they could make into meat pies. And oh, you can't forget the parts when the dead bodies just slam on the ground, I wonder how they did that... Speaking of which, the movie also had some pretty disgusting parts too, with all the blood spraying out of Sweeney's victim's throats, I wonder if that really happens. I've certainly seen that in a lot of movies, but does blood really spray out like that in real life? Also, the movie ends with a sad ending and I really dislike sad endings, so maybe that's another reason why I didn't like it. I think the only exception to this is Gladiator, which was awesome, even though it had the saddest ending ever...which takes us to...Beowulf! (That was a totally unintended transition, but you liked that didn't you?)

So whoever it was that stopped us from watching Beowulf in theaters (I think that was Seth), thanks for saving me the $10. Beowulf was horrible. Now I understand that it takes lots of skill to make trailers. The trailer to Beowulf was deceiving, Sweeny Todd too, and don't get me started on Lars and the Real Girl (oh god, I thought it would be a laugh out loud comedy, boy was I wrong). But then, is making a trailer for a movie that is way off from the real movie actually skillful or is it just because the guy didn't know what he/she was doing? Or maybe the skill is in deceiving the audience to spend the money to see the movie or even just to see it?

Anyways, back to Beowulf. Beowulf sucked. I don't remember the original story too well, but from what Diego told me, it was totally off. And that stirred my memory a bit for me to come to the same conclusion. Also, while the CG was good, it wasn't awesome enough to make me think that the movie was good. I mean, the first Final Fantasy movie (Spirits Within, not Advent Children) had awesome CG too and I personally think it made up for the sucky plot. But Beowulf had good CG and a great plot that was already written for centuries! But they decided to mess around with it. On the plus side, Angelina Jolie was semi-nude, but again, not enough to make a good movie.

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